Tuesday, April 18, 2006

NaPoWriMo (belated)

Mentally in Time Square, NY

I don’t know how to drink coca cola. swish it around in my mouth, feel the sugar invading and my brain suddenly percolating

some drink more than 1 bottle of this a day

there are no rules about sugar or caffeine for coca cola in Mexico
how do they get to sleep?

they should advertise at time square for coca cola
a lot of people go there every day, looking for an image

in New York, everyone eats apples with never a worm to be found
I can’t fool myself, this coke is bad stuff

if you ever have sex while drinking coke I have some recommendations
first of all, don’t leave it sitting on the nightstand without a cover

after a month in the fridge, I found this bottle of coca cola and opened it
the man who left it there was in the process of being left himself

coca cola cures most types of illnesses, especially constipation and
general drab; if you find a coke bottle on the street, chances are it was fated long before

you were born


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